How To Overcome The Error Andromax C3, bootloop And Others

Cara Mengatasi Bootloop Andromax C3 – As smartphone users would be nice if we can overcome the problems posed by our phone. During the problem just a software problem is very likely we can improve our own smartphone. The way I will describe here as very easy to do yourself.


With the tutorial which I will share below will do the flashing reset the firmware Andromax C3 and likely can improve Andromax C3 you are bootloop (condition in which the phone we error could not have completed the boot process, stalled in the logo smartfren), or there is a damaged partition for example, lost / can not go into recovery or experiencing a white blank. problem2 or others, please try it yourself ya.

Before you follow the tutorial below to fix your smartphone should perhatiankan following things:

  1. I am not responsible if following this tutorial you add it Andromax C3 broken!
  2. If in doubt follow this tuturial you should take it to the Service Center or to a handyman service smartfren
  3. All data stored in Internal Storage will be deleted
  4. We recommend using a computer to download and extract its files to minimize the occurrence of corrupt during download and extract this file.
  5. Make sure that you use Sdcard there is still an empty space at his lack of 3GB

Method 1: Install Custom Recovery

  • This way we will force us to install Andromax C3 TWRP custom recovery, which later can be used to install the ROM Andromax C3
  • Download sdimage containing TWRP and file Stock ROM Andromax C3 that are here
  • Then later appeared extrack sdimage_TWRP_AndromaxC3.rar file containing recovery.img sdimage folder and file hycookie.txt
  • Put sdimage folder and file to SDcard / Memory Card
  • Posting SDCARD / her Memory Card to C3 Andromax you who bootloop
  • Turn your mobile phone there will be a process similar to the battery icon, having appeared update success or finish immediately remove the batteries and disconnect SDcard / Memory Card
  • Sdimage first delete folders, and place it back into Andromax C3
  • Turn on by pressing the Power button Volume UP then hold both buttons until smartfren logo appears, release both buttons
  • If the process is your mobile phone will go into TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project)
  • Select Wipe then slide the arrow Swipe To Factory Reset (all installed applications and games that are deleted, you can get through this step but if it is still bootloop Wipe forced mandatory for in advance)
  • Select Install then locate and click the file
  • Next slide Swipe to confirm Flash
  • Wait until the process is complete
  • Select Reboot System
  • The boot process a little longer than usual wait just until about 15 minutes
  • If you do not understand how to install it can be seen tutor here

Method 2: How Flashing Andromax C3 with sdimage (TF UPDATE)

The same wrote the same way that the contents of the folder just above sdimage more complete and without the need to install the ROM again, there are only kekuranganya that all files contained in the Internal be erased

  • Download file sdimage for Andromax C3 (AD6B1H)
  • Extract this file and then move to the sdcard folder sdimage (Memory Card) (do not put in the folder)
  • Posting SDCARD / her Memory Card C3 Andromax you.
  • Turn C3 you’ll appear the words read mode and iconic blue box
  • Wait until the process is complete about 15-20 minutes
  • If existing posts Success Update immediately unplug the batteries and disconnect SDcard / Memory card (it jgn mounted sdcard again)
  • After that turn you C3, it is a little bit longer during the process bootingnya
  • To enter back sdcard / Memory Card required sdimage folder deleted or rename (rename) in advance.

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